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Upper Betoota Gardens couple, Simon and Shell Brogue, have really shown their age today by laying out clothes and other miscellaneous items on their spare bed in anticipation of their upcoming holiday.

While this may seem like a simple organisation technique that’s not specific to any particular age group, where Simon and Shell exposed themselves was by doing it two weeks early.

The couple’s senior tendencies were discovered by their youngest daughter, Jenny (21), who was over under the guise of visiting her parents but really just dropping off washing and sticking around long enough for dinner.

“I saw all the clothes on the bed and just thought ‘fuck, are my parents that old now?’” She explained to the Advocate.

“Like, you know your parents are getting old…”

“I just didn’t realise they were that far gone”

According to Shell, she just likes to be organised. It has nothing to do with her age.

“I’d do this if I was 20” said the 65-year-old.

“I don’t know what she’s talking about, Shell packs for me.” Added Simon.

“It just makes sense, I’ve been pottering around picking up bits here and there as I think of them. It beats a mad rush at the end!”

Shell nearly had our reporter convinced that she wasn’t that old, but it was her last statement that exposed her; only an old person would think in that way.

More to come.


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