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Viewer beware!

The rumours are true. Author of the popular book-series-come-popular-television-series George R. R. Martin confirmed today that he gets his man cans, as he calls them, out in an episode toward the end of this season.

But that’s not all, the 68-year-old also revealed juicy details of his sex scene cameo that he allegedly wrote into the book himself for the express purpose of appearing on screen in his own lewd soliloquy.

Who else in the scene remains a mystery until the episode airs later this year.

But the writer has expressed his joy in being cast by the show’s producers, telling The Advocate that he simply can’t wait for the world to ‘see him at the workbench.’

“That’s not a stunt nipple, that’s my own bit of grilled halloumi on display,” said Martin.

“The character I’m playing is a mysterious merchant who puts a spell on a sexy handmaid, one that can do all that dragon shit like the other one can,”

“I won’t tell you who it is, it’s not Taylor Swift like the papers are saying, not that I’d care! [laughs]”

The show’s producers have remained tight-lipped over the special cameos this season after the backlash against Ed Sheeran’s appearance in an episode prompted to pop star to delete his Twitter account.

More to come.


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