It’s still unclear what could be causing the dangerous levels of Impulse Romantic Spark emitting from the change rooms of the North Betoota SUPRÉ outlet.

North Betoota Fire Chief Jason Yabsley said the city’s public works department is currently in discussions with the Aereosal Safety Commission on how to deal with the situation in the prominent Australian fast fashion women’s wear chain

He said the city is looking for a specialized contractor to manage the situation and sterilise the rest of the shop.

“This is a common phenomena, however this individual issue has been left for far too long. There has been little to no air circulation throughout this entire store”

The concern was brought forward Friday evening when the fire department was contacted by the duty officer from the North Betoota Westfield to investigate a report of a very significant radiation reading from the Wendy’s fast food franchise outside the retailer known for fashion items and basics at an affordable price point.

Yabsley said the detection was noticed by a subcontractor who accepts the store has been exposed to thousands upon thousands of popular middle schoolers who are quite liberally in their use of teen-targeted perfume-spray.

“Their detector gave concerning readings of Sweet Smile, Illusions and Tease. The initial readings were very high. At first the reading was 700 rads – 1,000 rads is extremely high and is lethal.”

The Betoota fire department’s Hazmat Team, who are specifically trained to deal with these situations, were dispatched to the scene.

“We went in with detection equipment to get an accurate reading,” Yabsley said, adding gamma radiation was present but at levels that do not pose a significant danger.

The Westfield is currently operating as usual.


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