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The son of some cunt has told The Advocate that he doesn’t really care about what’s going on around the world because whatever does happen around the world doesn’t really affect him at all.

Full-time stay-at-home-son Max Wright (23) went on to say that other people in his wider circle of friends at the Betoota School of Art don’t really talk about politics much because it’s boring.

“Like,” he said.

“It’s not that I, like, don’t care, it’s more like, I, uh, there’s so much going on in my life and whatever is going on in the news is just, like, uh, irrelevant. Is that bad?”

Mr Wright drives a car registered in his father’s name. It’s actually in his father’s business’ name, Max corrects our reporter. He lives in his parents home in Betoota Grove. Chuckling as he tells The Advocate, his part of the house is above the garage and is pretty much its own self-contained living quarters that his au pair used to live in years ago.

“It works out better for tax if I just drive one of my dad’s ‘work’ cars,” he said.

“Anyway, like, back to what you were saying, like I don’t watch the news and I don’t read anything about it. Like, when I do, it’s because both my parents have paused in the kitchen to watch it on the TV or my Dad like tells me to watch it,” he said.

“I don’t know but like it’s not apathy but it’s like I honestly and truely don’t care because, yeah, none of it affects me but like things like COVID like seriously altered my world but yeah so I was interested in that but like I don’t even know who these people are on the news and why they hate each other,”

“We did geography and history at school [Whooton School, Betoota’s most exclusive and expensive boys’ school] but honestly because of COVID that was like a lifetime ago,”

“Is that bad?”

More to come.


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