One of Australian hospitality’s favourite sons is in the mood this evening, it can be confirmed.

Known for his surfing of menus and sub $10 dinners, Curtis Stone is tonight looking for violence.

Curtis is apparently on the hunt for his biggest rival – Jamie Oliver.

The face of one half of Australia’s supermarket duopoly, Curtis has reportedly rounded up a group of mates in the hopes that he bumps into the former face of the other half of Australia’s supermarket duopoly.

While it’s been a while between drinks, Jamie Oliver has returned to Australia, nearly a decade after being the face of Woolworths biggest ever campaign to give as little as possible to farmers and take as much as possible from consumers.

That campaign lead to Coles stumping up the big ones for Curtis Stone to stop surfing the menu and return serve to the price gougers in Green.

So with the the much loved English chef and culinary icon making his way around Sydney, Curtis is now reportedly hoping to shape up to his great rival.

“Man’s coming round my ends,” laughed Curtis.

“He best be able to handle himself, if you know what I mean.”

“Otherwise, there will be more than just Woolies Chicken Chips on the menu.”

Curtis then peeled off with a couple of heavily tattooed hospitality blokes in the hope to find a couple of rum and cokes and a chirpy English man with a poor sense of time.

More to come.


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