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A man from English Queensland has turned his rented Lake Betoota apartment into a home this week by choosing to hang a Yorkshire flag in the only window that faces the beach.

Leeds man Sam Gallon explained to The Advocate that his polyester Yorkshire flag that he purchased on eBay arrived yesterday and despite having three other windows to choose from, the 32-year-old recruitment director decided to hang it in the one with the view.

“It’s so people can see it,” he said.

“So people down below can see that there’s someone from Yorkshire living there. You know. You know, most people walking past would just think ecky thump what’s that flag up there in the window I’ve never seen one like that and then they’d have to look it up, you know, on the Google searcing for a blue and white flag with a great flower on it,”

“I can see the beach around the flag and also, I’m not a fan of the beach. I don’t like how the sand gets in everything. The birds and kids. It’s not for me.”

When asked by our reporter why he decided to move into an apartment beside the beach if he had no interest in the beach, Mr Gallon just shrugged.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“I just got the first apartment that got offered to me.”

More to come.


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