A man who risked his freedom to ensure the public knew the truth about our nation’s involvement in Afghanistan has faced court today.

The trial of David McBride has commenced in Canberra, with the former army lawyer and whistleblower facing life in prison for revealing some of the very crook shit that happened in Australian uniform.

McBride is facing a number of charges for allegedly leaking material to the ABC about the investigation of Australian special forces operating in Afghanistan.

The man who risked his freedom in an attempt to ensure transparency and accountability, is currently facing the court, long before any of the alleged war criminals set foot inside the buildings designed to administer ‘justice.’

The Australian government lead by Anthony Albanese has continued to push on with the prosecution of the man who leaked the horrific evidence known as the Afghan Files.

McBride joins a growing list of whistleblowers who are facing the full force of the law for leaking information about fucking dodgy behaviour.

Richard Boyle is currently facing a lengthy stint in prison for revealing the aggressive behaviour of the ATO.

Bernard Collaery has had charges dropped but faces the spectre of future legal action for revealing the crook behaviour of the Australian government when the fledging state of East Timor was trying to negotiate oil and gas agreements.

Multiple Commbank whistleblowers have also faced harassment and bullying for trying expose behaviour in a bank that lead to a Royal Commission.

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