In an absolute yewwwww of an update, a school friend who left back in year 10 has confirmed that he is coming to schoolies anyway.

A milestone celebration that combines the Aussie love of underage and overage drinking, schoolies is usually celebrated by year 12 finishers in the Gold Coast or another coastal place where kids can easily be parted from their parents’ money.

On a group chat titled ‘Schooliez (yewwwwwwwww)’, chat members were surprised and delighted to see their former peer Blake Tangent (17) was added to the chat as he’s organised a week’s time off his apprenticeship in the last minute.

“Can’t wait to party with you caaaaarntz!” stated Tangent, who as an apprentice really does need a break and a drink.

“Happy to help organise. What alcohol do we wanna be drinking then?” asked the young man who doesn’t realised everything’s been organised.

Due to their respective apprenticeship and school commitments, Tangent and his mates haven’t seen each other as much as they used to but sure are ready to get shitfaced and act disgracefully together.

“I might have to drive up though because there’s a guy at work who reckons he can sort gear. Who else is in?”


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