Not many of us can say we had it all figured out at 19. Betoota High graduate Hugh Burgess considers himself one of the select few who understands the world, an achievement made all the more incredible by the fact he did it without even leaving the house.

According to Burgess, global organisations are controlling what we see and manipulating public opinion and conversation, something he takes great pride in pointing out to his Facebook friends.

“People aren’t willing to leave their ‘safe space’ and step outside their comfort zone to face the realities of the world we live in” he published on social media from the comfort of his childhood bedroom.

While most people his age are fussing away on Tinder, frequenting a pub, working or getting a degree, Burgess states that his commitment to exposing world truths is not just his full-time occupation, but his cross to bear.

“I didn’t ask for this. Having to deal with all the Mortys and Jerrys of the world. Some of the people you meet online just have no idea and are going to have to learn the hard way.”

“They talk about violence against women but never mention violence against men or just violence in general. It’s like wake up, seriously.”

For Burgess, being an outcast is one of his occupational hazards.

“Of course out there, people judge me before they know me. But if they met me online they’d see I’ve got over 2,000 Reddit karma. I didn’t get that being a slacker, did I?”

Burgess’s mum, Hestia Burgess (54), says that while she does not understand a lot of what her son has to say, she supports him, but not unconditionally.

“He needs to stop leaving so many cups and bowls in his room. Applying for a few jobs would be good as well, that way he can pay for his own chips and energy drinks.”

For this young radical, his overactive and “highly-evolved mind” is over-qualified for the jobs available in his country town and more suited to “getting society to wake up while becoming a cryptocurrency billionaire on the side.”

“I’m not trying to change the world, just maybe trying to encourage the odd sheeple to watch Zeitgeist and maybe smoke a bong for a change. It won’t kill you. If anything it will make you better.”


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