A bunch of old boys that have settled in for an afternoon session at the Lord Kidman Hotel in Betoota have started to get that tingling feeling they used to get every weekend in the 70s.

Upon learning that one of the old fellas, Roy, has a little bit of Riverina Rollie stashed in his coat, the old codgers make their way outside to have a smoke.

Initially attempting to play off that they are just about to puff on some regular tobacco, the regulars conclude that because they look suspicious because they are passing the joint around puff-for-puff.

“Shit” says Angus.

“We should cross the street at least”

Despite the fact that every member of staff and every patron currently located within twenty metres of the pub’s front door are aware of what they are doing, the old fellas decide to walk a whopping eight paces out of the pub’s duty of care, so as to not burden them with their recreational drug use.

“Not bad this stuff” says Rod, while exhaling and passing it to Chester.

“Really takes me back. Where’d you get it, old boy?”

Rod says his nephew has gone off the rails of late and always seems to have a little bit of smoke floating around.

“Jeez I hope they don’t realise inside” says Chester.

“I need a beer. I’m drying up in the mouth”

Rod giggles.

“Aha the Winnie green will do that to ya”


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