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“Give me a fucking break,” he said.

“That’ll just about do me, it will. I’ve seen enough.”

Those are the sentiments of Ben Geurie, a South Betoota town planner who’s bared witness to his school mate’s relationship with another local girl hit a big milestone – the first holiday together.

Taking off just last week, Brett Hannaman and his girlfriend of two months, Denise Pot, have enjoyed a well earned period of rest as they galavant around the European continent.

“What’s a trip overseas without three or four hundred photos published to social media?” asked Geurie.

“It’s nothing, that’s what it is. But this; this just takes the whole plate of party pies and throws it in the bin.”

What the 27-year-old is referring to is the title of Brett’s latest photo album he uploaded to Facebook.

Letting out a deep groan before repeating the name for our reporters, Ben wanted The Advocate to know he feels a physical cringing pain deep inside himself each time he says it.

“Europe, With Her,” he said, head buried in his hands.

“I mean, come the fuck on, Bridget. Grow up would you? Nobody wants to see that cringe shit. We all get it, you’re obsessed with each other. Stop ramming your love down my throat, it’s gross.”

However, Ben said he would stop short of unfriending and unfollowing the pair, explaining that the associated fallout from that would outweigh the reward.

“I fucking hate social media. All of it. I wish I never got involved in it. Dad was right, I should’ve been a farmer.”

More to come.


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