The latest casualty of the Dual-Citzenship saga embroiling the federal Government, Paul Hanson has today confirmed she has trade marked and registered the brand Two Nations.

In a move set to divide the nation Senator Hanson said because she had duel citizenship she didn’t that retaining the name One Nation actually reflected the true spirit.

“We are one, but we are many, from Britain and Australia I come,” Senator Hanson sang to a packed media scrum in weird rendition of the Seekers famous Ballard “I Am Australian”.

This comes as Pauline Hanson says she will check with the British Home Office to ensure she’s not a dual citizen.

A day after she stressed she had no reason to worry about being caught in the parliamentary citizenship crisis, the One Nation leader has decided she better double check.

“Well you never know” she said.

“If Malcolm Roberts got done, I could easily get done. He’s one of the smartest blokes I know”

Senator Hanson reportedly told Woman’s Day magazine in February 2010 she was relocating to Britain where she could hold dual citizenship.

The recently unearthed interview sparked speculation on Tuesday about the party leader amid the ongoing citizenship scandal engulfing federal politics – marking the first moment in print history where Woman’s Day has been praised for their journalism.

When queried about the possible name change, Hanson said after the debacle with former Senator Roberts, she thinks it’s time for her anti-immigration party to focus on the two countries that most of their prominent leaders seem to hold citizenship with.



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