In a damning report, a new study has found that the extreme drop in quality of graff is the biggest indicator that you have left a major city, and entered regional Australia.

As city dwellers are beginning to spend the warmer weekends in the beautiful towns that regional Australia has to offer, one thing can’t be ignored by many, the absolute decline in the quality of graffiti and street art. 

It’s believed the combination of really bored teenagers, and lack of genuine graffiti culture and competitiveness, simply culminates in some of the worst graffiti this country has to offer. Sometimes so bad it’s good.

Ugly colour-ways, poor hand style and names like “Zoak” , “Xcape” and “Nrage”, have all become a fixture of sleepy towns up and down Australia’s East Coast. 

With the introduction of the American artform in the 1980s onto these shores, the capital cities have long had a vibrant, competitive and ever evolving graffiti scene, while some of Australia’s smaller towns haven’t been able to keep up.

More to come.


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