A country lad hailing from the calm serenity of rural Australia has become quite the annoyance to his fellow inner city house mates as he keeps leaving the front door unlocked, sometimes overnight. A practice born from the safety and trustworthy people from his hometown.

Michael Hillcliffe (24) has lived in the city for over a year now and despite feeling like he’s getting the hang of things in the big smoke, seems to have a lot to learn, including basic security practices.

While Michael’s house mates welcome his casual and laid back country boy attitude on life, they do find that his outlook to home security is putting his, and their safety at risk.

“I got home after a night out and the door was half open, it was the second time this week, where does he actually think he lives? does he not see half these houses have bars on the windows.” said Hugo Johnson (27), a fellow housemate.

Although Michael has been reminded dozens of times to lock the door, he continues to insist that it’s not a big deal.

“They all complain about me leaving the door open but has there ever been a robbery? No.”

“I’m from the country, I like people being able to pop by at any notice, the wind draft is great for ventilation also.”

Michael believes his cute expectations of people popping by unannounced, despite it never happening, is a valid reason to leave the door unlocked, and it isn’t the only cultural mix up he’s had while living in the city.

Michael has been known to strike up conversation with multiple people on the back of his bus on the commute home from work.

“People in the city really aren’t that chatty, back home when you get on the bus you usually are with people you know, over here when I try to talk to people on the bus they either ignore me or get up and switch seats, I don’t get it!”

Nonetheless, Michael remains steadfast in his commitment to creating a country like atmosphere in the big smoke whether or not his housemates or strangers on the bus get it.


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