Suburban woman Betty Ford, has done her bit for the local community this week by adding the 2024 Topless Firefighters Calendar to her online shopping cart. 

As she types in her credit card details she insists to herself that this purchase is entirely for a good cause, citing the importance of supporting local fire departments. 

The calendar in question, featuring chiseled firefighters in various states of undress holding an array of adorable baby animals, is most well know for it’s artistic creative direction in complementing the local firefighters of Australia in all their glory. 

In a heartfelt speech to her husband, she declared, “Darling, it’s not about ogling shirtless firemen. It’s about helping those brave men put out fires and save kittens from trees.” 

“I like seeing the cute animals each month” she explained to her husband as she hung it up on her fridge. 

We know that on January 1, 2024, Betty will proudly display her newfound appreciation for fire safety, one month at a time.

After all, there’s no greater proof of commitment to a noble cause than firefighters getting half-naked in the name of charity. 


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