In a groundbreaking new study, Betoota’s South Betoota Polytechnic University has uncovered an incredible fact.

A new report has revealed that everyone has a deeply traumatic guinea pig story.

These pint sized pets, known for their seemingly harmless antics, hide dark secrets of emotional turmoil. 

The researchers delved into the heart-wrenching memories of guinea pigs lost, as survivors shared their own harrowing tales of accidental harm to their furry friends. 

“I found him frozen in his enclosure one winter morning” one former guinea pig owner told researchers.

“It was an accident, I thought guinea pig’s could swim” said another. 

“Mine…it was so sudden, we we’re only just playing” explained yet another, holding back the tears. 

Whether it’s an unintentional mishap, a regrettable oversight, or a momentary lapse in judgment, these stories of guilt and loss continue to haunt those who carry the burden of their guinea pig’s untimely demise. 

Emily Furlong, the lead researcher at the Violence Against Guinea Pig’s Centre, urges parents to weigh up the decision carefully before purchasing a pet Guinea Pig, as even well-intentioned children can find themselves facing tragic circumstances. 


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