Local Neo-Nazi, Chuck Hindenberg (17), has been radicalised to the point where he is toying with the idea of buying a gun and committing an unfortunate series of events for a political ideology

Much like Islamist terrorists, Chuck has been groomed by online recruiters, who have brainwashed him into thinking that committing tragic circumstances against a minority based on their religion is completely acceptable.

When it comes to the rise of lone-wolf tragic-circumstancists, a lack of a father figure and obvious lack of interpersonal skills are to be first considered when explaining their behaviour, which usually leaves people not alive anymore.

Chuck says that he knows that whatever tragic circumstance he decides to commit, whether it is at a local Mosque or a school, it will only be representative of his niche extremist ideology, and not every single person who shares the same geographical heritage as him.

“It’s me against the world. But I’m going to start with the people that Donald Trump has told me are trying to hurt me”

FOX News reporter, Wyatt Power, says that the actions of tragic-circumstancists can’t be considered terrorism because their ideals are shared daily on mainstream media by politicians and political commentators.

“The tragedies that are committed by people who have been radicalised by the extremist teachings from the nightly news are tragic, yes. But not terrorism.”

“It’s not terrorism if the victims themselves have been politicised to the point where people assume they have radical sympathies”

“Unless those victims are white”


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