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Not many of Gavin Harrison’s coworkers know exactly what he does all day, they just know he does something.

He’s been working at the somewhat-esteemed-local-mezzanine-level-advertising-agency, Clemenger South Betoota, for nearly a decade – where he’s had a hand in creating and maintaining key accounts and things like that which are important.

When something comes across his desk from either a client or a creative muggle from pod seven, he doesn’t always need to make a change – but if he didn’t, what point is there of him being there in the first place?

“I always find something that I don’t like about something,” he told The Advocate this afternoon.

“Whether it be copy from one of our copywriter that doesn’t quite, in my opinion, mesh with what the client wants – or even feedback from the client that I need to pass on, I never pass it on without making a change and adding my two cents,”

“That’s what being in middle management is all about. To be an economic, social and spiritual handbrake on my company – and the industry in general. I’ve seen perfectly good copy come back and I’ve just made a change just for the fuck of it. In fact, do that all the time. When I give feedback, I try to be as vague and cryptic as humanly possible as well. All in a day’s work, I guess!”

As it was 4 pm on a Friday afternoon, our reporter wasn’t hopeful on making contact with anyone at the firm to provide comment on the matter.

Nobody at the Clemenger South Betoota was available to speak with The Advocate this afternoon – except for Gavin, who wasn’t told were the work drinks were.

More to come.


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