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Approaching the cheap K-Mart clothes horse with the patience and control of the most seasoned cowboy, Sam Madden carefully broke in the awkward homeware like it was a bullish Brumby from Australia’s high country.

The 22-year-old paralegal spoke to The Advocate a short time ago with the skin still hanging off his palms and a thick bead of sweat trickling down from his hairline.

“It’s just something that needed doing,” he said, referring to his washing.

“And when it’s raining out and you’ve got no clean clothes left to wear, you’ve got to get the clothes horse out. I’m not made of money, I live in regional Australia. The cost of energy out here is enough to take the dinner off Gina Rhinehart’s table, mate,”

“So I naturally had to break in the clothes horse, which is something I like to do every winter. It’s good for both of us, the horse and me.”

According to Madden, the cheaper a clothes horse is, the harder it is to break in.

Which is why it took him close to 7 minutes this morning to work out how it went together.

“We picked it up a few years ago at the new K-Mart in Betoota Ponds,” he said.

“If you ask me, we should’ve got a quality clothes horse from David Jones in Quilpie, but the missus didn’t want to drive half a day just to pick one up, fair enough I guess,”

“But it’s a wook-a-took thing, I hate it but I’m the only bastard in this household who can break one in. So I guess I’m stuck?”

More to come.


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