Leah Cummins is just another mid-twenties Australian with a close group of girlfriends that still catch up twice a week, eight years after school.

Like many other millennials, Leah learnt early in life that she was never going to own a home in the same place she grew up, and has since prioritised material goods over any form of long-term life plan.

However, it is because of her ability to keep up with all forms of technology and software that has rendered the 26-year-old property manager powerful beyond measure.

Leah has, on her iPhone and backed up on her hard drive, a screen shot of every dodgy conversation she’s ever been a party to. That, as well as incriminating pictures, dating back to the Myspace era.

“Leah is the one that could ruin your life with just a bit of scrolling” says close friend, Bella.

“Someone would call it an unfortunate character trait that she screenshots and archives every bitchy comment anyone ever says about anyone else”

“But by this stage, it’s just assumed that everything we say or do in front of her will come back to haunt us”

“She’s still like one of my best friends”

Both her employers, friends and lovers are aware of Leah’s artillery – and all work to avoiding any tiffs with her because of this.

Leah’s boss Greg says that she has a job for life after he invited her over for a nightcap during a work trip to Adelaide two years ago. Even though the offer was declined, he knew it would never be forgotten.

“I guess it’s a good thing in a way, if I ever want to sack someone else, I’m sure she’ll have an incriminating photo or screenshot I could use”

Leah says it’s such bullshit that she has a reputation for screenshotting everything and who said that.



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