NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has today proposed a resolution to the current rise of visible homelessness in the most expensive city in Australia, Sydney.

Yesterday the unelected Premier of New South Wales clashed with her inferior, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, who has refused to forcibly move homeless people from a tent settlement that has been set up outside of the Reserve Bank in Martin Place unless the state government provided five measures aimed at safe and affordable housing are met

This has forced Berejiklian to come to a resolution halfway.

“Okay. What if we put them in high-vis so they look like council workers or contractors on lunch break?” proposed the Premier.

“Obviously the main issues isn’t that these people are homeless, it’s the fact that we have to look at them”

“I mean, they probably are doing more with themselves than majority of the council workers in that area”

Clover Moore has said that the hi-vis solution is much better than simply moving the vagrants outside the city limits, but you know, it would be good if the State Government stopped selling off council housing to developers.

“The hi-vis solution is not a long term one, eventually the high vis colouring will fade due to exposure to the elements”

In a letter to NSW Minister for Family and Community Services and Social Housing Pru Goward and NSW Police Commissioner Michael Fuller, The Sydney Mayor said she does not support the movement of homeless and vulnerable people from public spaces without access to further support and housing services.


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