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A local woman has tonight kicked her boyfriend out of the lounge room, for a back to back session of mega bogan’s dating and depraved teen drama.

It’s alleged Bec Wilson had been waiting all week for the pivotal Euphoria episode, which teaser trailer saw Cassie descending down the stairs in some skimpy swimwear at what appears to be Maddie’s birthday party.

Despite not enjoying the second season as much as the first, seeing as multiple storylines were discarded with no explanation, Bec still enjoys her weekly HBO routine of Euphoria on Mondays, and ‘And Just Like That’ on Thursdays a.k.a the only reason she’s signed up for Binge.

And now with MAFs added to the mix, it appears as though Bec’s boyfriend Neil has no hope of using the television for the next few months. Unless of course, he’s ready for a fuck ton of drama.

After staying up to watch the last of the Australian Open and spending half the time admiring Nadal’s arms,  Bec imagines that her MAFs and Euphoria marathon will have her staying up a lot later. Especially, as she loves to dive onto Tik Tok after, to see what eagle eyed viewers have spotted or to read plot theories that are much better than anything Sam Levinson could ever write.

Having banned Neil from ever seeing Sydney’s Sweenies, Bec checks one last time that he’s tucked back safely in their bedroom, before chucking the TV on and settling in for the long haul.

More to come.


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