A local millennial is under the impression that some of the big nights he’s been having are bigger than any other bender that’s ever happened in the world.

“It was huge, man” Ludwig Kiriakoff (19) posted on Facbook.

“I deadset don’t know how I bended through to the next day. It was so big man”

“You should have seen Jordie. He was sooo drunk. I wonder if people have always had nights as big as us”

However, despite thousands of young Australian men describing their sordid weekends with the phrase “running a muck”, a leading Australian professor of linguistics has revealed that the phrase may be being incorrectly used.

“Well, for starters, it’s actually ‘running amok’, and has its etymology rooted in Malayan culture”, Nick Fordham from the University of Newcastle has revealed.

“The phrase traditionally describes a frenzied (usually murderous) assault carried out by a single person on a group, typically after a period of relative calmness”.

“And secondly, at that age… Like 18, 19. You really don’t know shit”

When asked if he thought that the word was being used correctly when describing young Australian men caning it on the piss with four of with a couple friends on a long weekend, the researcher had this to say.


More to come.



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