An entrepreneur from Betoota’s edgy light industrial suburb of Kidmandria has today found yet another way to profit from an idea he stole from a poor socioeconomic demographic and made gave it a logo.

The man, who did not want to be named, said that he made the discovery late last year.

“I realised if you just put ‘bespoke’ in front of the title, you can get away with seriously overcharging for an item you can get at any hot bread shop for a fraction of the price.”

“It’s all about food. Think of the shit you grandmother used to cook, and add bespoke in front of it”

The businessman says after just a fortnight of using cafe-jargon, he’s been able to afford a Lamborghini – and can’t believe he didn’t think of using bespoke earlier.

While bespoke might actually just mean made-to-order, which almost all food is, business remains extremely good

“That’s the brilliance of it” he says.

“I’m thinking of starting a bespoke hardware store down the road, maybe a bespoke whorehouse”

“You can literally ad 20% on the price of anything – no one knows what it means”


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