Hot-shot finance execs who follow me on YouTube and Instagram know that every decision an important person like us makes can send ripples through global markets.

And it’s very important people like you and me that you need to have around you at all times to not only make you a more effective finance hot-shot, but to also help you climb the funky corporate ladder.

And what I tell all my students that I teach during my online seminars that I host from my North Sydney mansion that I definitely own and definitely do not just rent on AirBnB for one night while I host my seminar, is that if you want to climb the corporate ladder and make your mark in the industry, you’ve got to network your ass off.

And what a lot of normies out there don’t realise is that networking events are such a great night out!

Networking events often attract the most ego-driven maniacs in the finance world.

And so, instead of insightful discussions about market trends, you’ll find yourself drowning in a sea of self-absorbed individuals who seem to believe that monopolising the conversation with their accomplishments is the key to success.

It’s ego-driven individuals like these that you should spend more time around if you really want to do the corporate ladder climb. Because the easiest way to climb the corporate ladder faster is to become just like them.

Such great nights out!

A lot of my students say one thing that bothers them about networking events is that they are made mandatory by their employer, which means you’re obliged to attend, even if you’d rather be anywhere else.

Are you kidding? Networking events are such great nights out. Ask anyone who has ever been to a networking event, and they’ll tell you the same. Hell, I go to at least two a week. They’re amazing. One minute you’re talking with a multimillionaire, making the deal of the century, and the next, you’re making life long meaningful connections with peers that will no doubt become your best friends.

Everyone knows networking events are such a great night out!

So go on, don’t be shy, sign up to every single networking event you can, and reap the personal and professional benefits for years to come.


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