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A local bloke has been left in fear for his life this weekend, after his girlfriend was seen transforming into the scariest version of herself.

With plans to enjoy a simple night in rewatching The Walking Dead, Joshua Holloway had no idea of the horrors that would await him in a few hours time – courtesy of the infamous ‘bottomless brunch.’

’For those who have not borne witness to sheer debauchery of a bottomless brunch, it involves a group of very excited women drinking as many glasses of wine and mimosas as they can within two hours, before kicking on at a bar immediately afterwards (if they even get in).

Though the premise of a bottomless brunch does involve brunch being consumed, most of the attendees are more interested in getting their $89 worth of booze. Unfortunately what Joshua doesn’t know, ,is that bottomless brunch is a sport for women – and his girlfriend Tamara has won.

She has consumed her body weight in prosecco and now she craves human flesh. 

Joshua’s flesh.

It’s alleged Tamara (somehow) made her way home by 6pm, where she stood carefully watching her prey from the dark confines of the unlit hallway for a solid five minutes, before demanding his sacrifice.


“Come to me Joshuaaaaa.”

More to come.


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