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The Prime Minister of Australia has said today that the nation may be bound by the ANZUS Treaty to also stare at our next solar eclipse after US President Donald Trump lead the way today in Washington.

Malcolm Turnbull told a Canberra press conference today Australia is obligated to follow the United States’ direction, which he concedes may lead him to stare directly into Australia’s next full solar eclipse in 2028.

“Now that the US President has shown us the way, we as a nation must follow under the ANZUS Treaty conventions,” said Mr Turnbull.

“In the year 2028, I will be in my fourth or fifth term as prime minister and I can only hope that I can lead every Australian in staring at the solar eclipse,”

“It will be one of the great honours of my life to do so. Thank you,” he said.

The strong words come as Turnbull has been forced to defend himself after telling Melbourne’s 3AW last week that Australia would join the US in a war with North Korea as such an event would invoke the ANZUS Treaty.

However, it seems that the terms of that treaty now extends into every facet of geopolitics.

More to come.


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