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On the second of his bi-annual trips into the heart of the Queensland desert, British business magnate, budding spaceman and philanthropist, Richard Branson, dropped into his favourite Charleville watering hole for a cup of tea.

Taking the time out of his busy schedule to catch up with The Advocate’s editors, the London-native was quick to detail why he’s made the arduous journey inland.

“I was hoping I might run into you two,” said Branson.

“I’m here this time to tackle an issue I feel is close to the hearts of your readers. Something to do with mobile phones, avocados and Millennials. Do you follow?”

As fate would have it, the camera team was with the editors as they were all returning home to Betoota via Charleville after trying – but ultimately failing – to film the re-entry of a Russian Soyuz rocket motor near Morvern.

More to come.


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