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The Federal Member for Cook Scott Morrison has welcomed reviews of his latest diplomatic effort this week after joining former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on visit to Israel to help the under-siege nation turn the tide against Hamas.

The feature film, Dumb and Dumber 3: Death to Hamas, has not been received well by critics and audiences but marks a new phase in both Scott and Boris’ lives which could take them on a post-political journey neither of them expected.

It’s Mr Morrison’s third feature film, the first being Dumb & Dumber 1: Get A Dog Up You Xi Jinping and Dumb & Dumber 2: Fourre Tes Sous-Marins Dans Ton Cul!. Both of which were straight to video releases.

However, it’s the former British Member for Uxbridge’s first feature film. He explained to The Advocate that he wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else other than his old friend Scott.

“We’re here filming in Israel at quite a time! [chuckles] Yes, they’ve had a spot of bother with their old foe over the fence! Like a pair of Burmese fighting fish, these Israelis and Palestinians! Remove the glass and they just go wham! Blam! Zablam! Yes but we’re here, we’re filming this for Binge. Binge is of course famous for it’s dreadful UX and clunky application but alas, they have taken a punt on an old washed up bit of sea sponge like me!”

Mr Morrison was not as forthcoming with The Advocate as the Boris the young father, telling The Advocate that he doesn’t listen to critics, he just helps.

“It’s easy, you know, to be like that Clancy Overell. Just throwing peanuts at me when I’m just trying to do my best. Through the bushfires, through the mild flu we destroyed the world economy for. It wasn’t easy and you’ve got these thong-wearing libtards like Clancy calling you a marketing slob who poos his pants regularly. It’s not easy,” he said.

“Now I’m over here with Boris, filming a movie, and all I get is more grief from you. What do you expect me to do? Go back to smearing poo on the walls at Tourism Australia or something? I can help in this conflict and helping is what I plan to do.”

“Thanks for nothing.”

More to come.


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