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A local woman has this week found herself having a rather stupid argument with a mate, after he discovered she wasn’t a fan of blue cheese.

Annabelle Worthington admits to our reporter that she doesn’t really have the widest array of tastes when it comes to her palate, but she says that blue cheese should fall under one of the ‘acceptable’ types of food to dislike – unlike people who can’t stand chocolate, for example.

“I have a friend who throws away the chocolate bits at the end of Drumstick ice cream”, says Annabelle, “now that’s mental.”

“But hating on blue cheese?”

“That’s perfectly acceptable.”

“It smells like dirty socks.”

Annabelle says she often has people push her to eat food she hates in the hopes that she will eventually yield, which prompts her to get ‘pretty aggro.”

“It’s all ‘just try it’, ‘seriously just give it a go, you might like it.’”

“Just give it a go, you haven’t had this blue cheese.’”

“Just try it!”


“No fuck you, I don’t want to try it!”

“I’m just going to start saying I’m allergic at this point.”

More to come.


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