No matter how busy you are on this Monday morning, please stop whatever it is you are doing to take a breath and have a laugh.

Why you might ask?

Well, because the English Cricket team are currently below the Netherlands on the World Cup table, with the group stages nearly finished.

Not only are the champions of cricket and morality below the Netherlands, they are below every single other team currently competing at the World Cup.

This comes after the English lost to the Australians on Saturday night, despite being ‘better on paper, man for man.’

Following a big few years of rescuing the game of cricket from all the heathens who became better at it than them, the inventors of Cricket have kept the good times rolling.

Coming out on the front foot last week to claim that they would much rather have every player on the English team then any player on the Australia team, the English then had to eat soggy fish and chips after losing comprehensively to Australia.

That loss has cemented them to the bottom of the ladder, with a titanic battle against the Netherlands likely to decide who gets the wooden spoon.

So, no matter what your boss is pressuring you to get done, or the customers wants sorted ASAP, or your client wants to discuss, or your patient needs medically – take a second to live in the moment.

Breath it all in.

And laugh.

Laugh at the fact that the English are currently dead last in the Cricket World Cup, despite being the greatest team mankind has ever seen.

Laugh, and enjoy.

Because it’s a lovely Monday morning.


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