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Aside from spending time in the nets both here in Australia and overseas, former Test opener Cameron Bancroft is also returning to his former role as the kazoo player in the popular Fremantle band, Tame Impala.

It was noted by a number of music journalists when Bancroft’s departed the project in 2011 to focus on his budding cricket career, Tame Impala’s sound noticeably changed from a traditional psychedelic jam band to a more vaporwave Beach Boys type of vibe.

The reasoning behind this, according to the band’s bedroom composer Kevin Parker, is because the band lost the most talented kazoo player to emerge from Western Australia in recent memory.

“Yeah,” said Parker.

“We were pretty kazoo-heavy those days. Some nights, we used to let Cameron solo for like 20 minutes. It was a crazy time. The mining boom, the jetski boom. Troy Buswell was still our treasurer. I miss those days sometimes, other times, I don’t,”

“Anyway, my liege, it’s nice to have Bancroft back for a few months. We’re going to have a bit of a lock-in this weekend and kazoo out. Who knows, we might even get Ben Cousins over to play the theremin. Why the hell not?”

Bancroft was equally as excited when he spoke to our reporter briefly this morning, outlining that music is the outlet he needs at the moment – before heading over to England to spend time with the swinging Dukes nut.

“It should be good, there’s something great about being from Perth and coming home to Perth,” he said.

“Mum kept all my kazoos, too. I was worried they might’ve been chucked out. I’m a bit rusty, had a bit of a blow last night and it’s all coming back to me. Looking forward to heading south over the Fremantle Traffic Bridge with the top down and the wind blowing through my hair,”

“But yeah, I’ll do this for a few months, then I’ll get back in the nets so I can come back into the team and score some runs for the fans.”

More to come.





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