Aunty Stace was once featured as Picture Magazine’s favourite self-submitted amateur pornographic subject, it has been confirmed.

While it has been mentioned by the rest of the family, after a long barbecue, several times over the last couple years – today it was brought up by her husband Jocko, who does this time to time.

“Shoulda seen her. I’m lucky she didn’t split when she realised how the other blokes out there felt about her”

Aunty stace begins to blush.

“Tell ’em bub”

“Tell ’em about all the old fellas that used to write to you from the pen”

Stacey intervenes “Oh that’s enough Jock stop ya carrying on!”

“I was in there once, yes. but it was before they changed from Weekly to fortnightly, so technically I was only one in 52 that year”

“Nowadays they must get loads of entries”

Several more comments are made about how Stacey could have transitioned to FHM if she didn’t pop out a few kids, but Jocko says her norks only benefited from the pregnancies and breastfeeding.

Uncle Braith begins staring subconsciously at Aunty Stace’s chest and everyone laughs when Jocko makes a big deal about it.

“Hey! Those are for my eyes only!”


More to come.



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