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The last time Sam Pearson was brought before the attention of the local courts and The Advocate, he was charged with assaulting a police horse and throwing rocks at delegates from the Betoota Chamber of Commerce during a civil disturbance in 2009.

While he escaped the charges, largely because his asset-rich family commands a large amount of power around town, he’s still stuck to the cause of taking it to the man.

Our reporter caught up with Sam this morning at an unassuming French Quarter Cafe where he spoke freely about the toughest day of the year for anarchists, anti-fascist and anti-capitalism people such as him.

Mother’s Day.

“It was a day created by card companies and department stores to drive up their sales. That’s it,” said the 28-year-old.

“Bullshit, it is. But I can’t say that to Mum. She doesn’t mind that I have primal need to burn cop cars and punch Nazis but if I turned up to brunch tomorrow with nothing, it’d crush her,”

“So my war on the man is on hold today. I’m doing to bite my tongue and head down to David Jones in the Old City District after this interview and get a nice cookbook or something. I’ll even ask the homely lady behind the counter to gift wrap it because I’m a piece of shit,”

“Anyway, your newspaper sucks and I look forward to putting your head on a pike when the purge comes. It’s been real.”

More to come.


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