Bill Shorten has had to interrupt reporters at a press conference this afternoon in an awkward state of affairs.

The Opposition Leader was talking about how slightly different his approach to the budget would have been in an address to a room of reporters from some of the major media outlets, as well as our own Channel Country publication.

However, after a few minutes, Shorten and his advisers noticed that the entire cohort of journos had completely drifted off.

“Hey, did you hear what I just said? You, from Channel 7? Are you listening?” he asked frustratedly.

After some dozy nods and awkward glances around the room, Shorten asked if anyone had any questions for him.

“You guys got any questions? Anything? You can ask me whatever you want. I swear. Even about some of the shit I’ve done in my union capacity,” he said.

“Beaconsfield? Chloe?”

“Fuck youse”

The Advocate can confirm that everyone, in the room including our very own junior reporters had lost track of the presser because they had become distracted by some paint drying on a wall behind the leader of the ALP.

“Yeah, they have put some glossy paint there on the back, sort of behind Bill, and it looks pretty fresh but then it did seem to be drying, so I just got caught up in analysing that whole process you know,” said one journo who asked to remain anonymous.

“I was initially counting the number of square panels on the lectern when he started, but the paint eventually got the better of me,” the journalist said.


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