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A former advisor to the Prime Minister has told The Advocate that he’s enjoying his new job in Antarctica as he begins his first day of quarantine.

Jake Miles, the son of some prominent member of the Liberal-National Party of Queensland, was quick to tell our reporter that it was he who gave the enthusiastic double-thumbs up when the PM’s Press Secretary asked if he should go into a Mornington Peninsula hair salon to touch some lady’s hair in front of a media scrum.

“As it turns out, it was probably not a good idea,” he said.

“Which was something I was told in the days before I arrived here. I’m doing 14-days in isolation here at Mawson and then, my exciting new life begins.”

Mr Miles is joining the sanitary works team at Mawson Research Station, despite having no formal qualifications in plumbing or anything remotely resembling a trade.

“I thought that was a bit strange but when the PM’s Chief Of Staff said this is what my new job would be, he said I was lucky to get that. He said it was lucky that my Dad is who he is. Otherwise, I’d be back looking for full-time work like 20% of the “full-time” workforce is at the moment. I’m just glad I have a job,” he said.

However, Mr Miles hinted at the possibility that he was not given the option to turn this exciting new posting down.

“Yeah, in hindsight, it feels like this job will be a bit of a punish. I found out the other plumbers are getting like $200k and I’m on the same wage I was on at McCafe. The more I think about it, telling Morrison waltz into a hair salon like a goose and start touching people’s hair while wearing an apron was a bad idea. The nation was looking for him to lead and he does that,”

“I’m not even sure if we asked those ladies if they wanted Scott Morrison to touch their head, come to think of it.”

The Advocate reached out to The Prime Minister’s Office for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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