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A bloke who used to be known for his love of spray on jeans has successfully rebranded to something a little more comfortable, after he was seen sporting some pretty sick jewellery.

Anthony Phillips [27] is said to have rode the emo trend pretty hard back in the day, including a gravity defying side fringe that swept half his face and a penchant for converse shoes, which he still to this day says are much cooler than Vans.

However, in a bid to avoid looking too ‘2008’, Anthony has had to pivot his look into something a little more modern, bordering between being edgy and not looking like he’s chasing the fountain of youth – a balance he’s being able to strike, by introducing some subtle jewellery into his look.

It’s alleged the inspiration struck after he caught wind of the e-boy fashion trend on Tik Tok, which saw fine jewelry becoming cool again – including how much women love chains and rings, if the popularity of Lil Huddy was anything to go by.

Happy that he finally lived in a time where there was no such thing as having a gay ear, Anthony opted for a religious cross and chain combo, that was different enough that he’d get attention but not so much that he was verging on peacocking.

It’s later alleged his new look was complimented by many women, who were noticeably spotting gazing at his hands with a feral curiosity.

More to come.


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