The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) has today conceded it has run out of animals across the globe for indie bands to use in their names.

There has been an explosion in recent years with acts like Husky, Fleet Foxes, Gorillaz and Boy & Bear joining the likes of The Eagles, The Monkees and The Byrds in chucking an animal in their band name.

Some bands, including Eagle & The Worm and Bear Vs Shark, have even taken a second bite of the cherry, with two animals in the one band name.

“This trend has led to today’s declaration” said WWF chair, Dr Larry Bird.

“Rats, mice, Horses, Seagulls, cats, dogs…they went long ago.”

“But now we’ve got worms, frogs, spiders, stacks of owls and god knows how many bloody bear bands”.

“Even the White Stripes has some serious Zebra-vibes”

While Mr Bird appreciates the awareness these names provide to the world’s wildlife. He hopes the decision will inspire bands to look beyond the animal world and the pages of Frankie magazine.


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