Malcolm Turnbull has assured reporters his wife Lucy found the French President’s description of her as “delicious” both flattering and charming.

“I want to thank you for your welcome — thank you, and your delicious wife.” said

Emmanuel Macron’s use of the word raised some eyebrows yesterday, when he ended a meeting with Mr Turnbull in Sydney with the following comment, but the dashing French President has today followed up with another, very French, compliment.

“She is, how you say, scrumptious” said Macron.

“You could just gobble her up”

Mr Macron’s brief visit is only the second time a serving French president has been to Australia.

His use of the unusual term “delicious” to describe Mrs Turnbull attracted a flurry of interest amid the discussions about trade and strategic interests in the Pacific.

Today Mr Turnbull insisted no diplomatic drama had ensued.

“Lucy was very flattered and she has asked me to say that she found the President’s use of the words delicious and scrumptious as charming as it was memorable,” he said.

“He wasn’t lying”

“She is God damn it!”


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