In keeping with their tradition of casting briefly important black male characters that are played by actors who starred in The Wire, AMC’s The Walking Dead has today announced that Idris Elba will be season nine’s new expendable black male.

Idris Elba, who’s character’s name is reported to be one that you don’t really remember, unlike Rick or Darryl, hasn’t really said much about being in the show.

It is believed Elba was cast after writers argued for weeks over whether or not they would get ‘Stringer or Avon’ to play the new inclusion to the mostly white team of survivors.

It is believed that his character is introduced as a part of a group of other characters, of which he is the only black one, and then he just slots into the main group without any one-on-one dialogue with any other characters – who is only really given any lines when they are having survival brainstorms.

Despite the fact that the American post-apocalyptic horror television series is set in Atlanta, a majority black city, it has struggled to include more than one recurring black male character per season.

It is not yet known if Elba’s character will last two seasons or just one like the other black characters but he joins the 27 others that have gone before him.

Season 9 is expected to be set in an ex-government building that appears safe, until it no longer becomes safe.


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