With the US Presidential election well under way, some of America’s most critical swing states are experiencing a surge in turnout among Latino voters, in an unexpected phenomenon that could provide a major boost to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Statistics from Florida, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona all show a significant increase in the “sleeping giant” of Latin-American voters in the 30 million votes already counted.

Analysts predict that this record breaking turn out is a direct result of Cuban-American rapper Pitbull officially endorsing the Democratic candidate on stage during a dramatic, impassioned conclusion to her campaign in Philadelphia, the city where the US signed Declaration of Independence.

Mr Worldwide made an appearance alongside President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle, Ms Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea, and Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

It appears a significant part of the Latino population appears to be steering against Donald Trump who has pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border and characterised citizens as criminals and rapists, but it wasn’t until the official endorsement for Mr. 305 that the Hispanic-American community mobilised in such an aggressive way.

President Obama says he knew Mrs Clinton had a few wild cards planned for the final night of the campaign, but even he couldn’t have expected her to deliver such a powerful guest in the shape of Pitbull.

“I thought Bruce Springsteen was impressive. But for her to get Pitty [Mr Worldwide] out on stage. Man, she really knocked it out of the park”

“Not only did she secure the Hispanic vote but she essentially won over anyone who has ever admitted to enjoying good music”

“Just. Wow”

It is believed Mr 305 was quite humble when he took to the stage, offering little words, but still managing to say everything.

“Now when I count to four. I want you all to head to the voting booths and tick the box next to Hillary,”

“Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro!”

Pitbull then broke into a stirring rendition of his multi-platinum single “I know you want me” – only altering the lyrics to say “I know you want Hillary”.

Arizona has also recorded the largest increase of early voting by Latinos in any state, up 11 per cent from 2012, according to statistics from Catalist.

It is predicted that Clinton will win by a landslide.



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