A spritely young bloke only three or so months out of high school has today proven that he is more than equipped for the real world, after unveiling his very own zippo cigarette lighter, complete with his name engraved on it.

Nathan Young turned 18 in September, but waited until after Schoolies to begin looking for some work in pubs, at his parent’s advice.

At this stage, it is unclear whether or not Nathan actually smokes cigarettes that much, and whether his zippo lighter is just for opening corona bottles on the weekend with his mates, but as he sees a packet JPS specials get thrown on the table at his first ever staff drinks… His eyes light up

“You smoking?” he nonchalantly asks TJ, his 31-year-old bar manager.

“Yeah, mate” says TJ.

“We are allowed to light up in here after we lock the doors. The boss prefers that we don’t go outside. I just need to find some fire.”

Nathan takes a breath, reaches into his pocket, and owns this moment.

“Here!” he says.

“Use my zippo”

TJ says thank you to the overeager young employee, only to sigh after noticing the words ‘Nate Dog’ engraved onto the side of his prized army-style cigarette lighter.

“Thanks mate” murmurs his boss, knowing full well that this is a big moment for the young fella.

“Now, how bout some staffies. You got a bottle opener”


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