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Wendy Plod is heading to Europe.

The 25-year-old leasing agent at South Betoota’s Property Shop has been slaving and saving for months. Months and months. But now it’s time to let the good times roll.

“I’m landing in Istanbul first,” she said. “The ancient city of Istanbul, I can’t wait. Then I’ll slowly make my way up to Scotland over the next three months. Through the Mediterranean and up through Italy and France. Are you jealous yet? [laughs]”

In case you weren’t jealous enough, Plod just checked into the business class lounge.

But many of her friends have seen straight through the charade, explaining to The Advocate moments ago that Wendy isn’t flying business class – she’s not even flying Qantas.

“I literally saw her book the flights,” said a pal.

“She’s flying economy on Air India, it was the cheapest possible flight you could get to Turkey. Does she think we’re dumb? She’ll fly business class one day I’m sure, but it’s not today.”

The Brisbane Airport Authority released figures last year that showed close to 99% of all social media check-ins they have in their business class lounges can be shown to be fraudulent.

Taking time out of his busy afternoon, a senior Qantas Business Longue concierge told The Advocate that people who actually fly business rarely feel the need to brag about it on the internet.

“You have some people who fly business or first as a rare treat. They’re the ones who whore out everything for likes and whatnot. Then you have the businessmen and the wealthy. They see dealing with a chinless Catholic like me to be a mild inconvenience on their journey. They are my favourites.”

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