Not even an entire year after the Fast & Furious franchise released the 8th installment, production has already begun on number nine: The Mate Of The Furious

The upcoming sequel, which is due for a 2018 release, is already being touted as one of the most expensive action films of all time.

With only two more films to go and an ever-expanding fictional universe of characters, it seems that the Fast franchise have decided to include a new element of car culture in the next sequel: The Australian V8

The film’s assistant producer and lead actor, Vin Diesel, has confirmed this morning that this installment intends to begin a new, but very important character arch, and one that will ultimately end the franchise altogether with Furious 10.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Diesel went on to explain the basic background of the second last hurrah.

“It’s going to be set between New York City and Baltimore. The team is confronted with a proposal from a Black Nationalist crime syndicate who kidnap one of their own,”

“The driving in this instalment looks to be fairly more aggressive and the plot works around this, we have delved into the Australian V8 culture,”

Vin Diesel speaks to media about "Fast 8" at a Huffington Post press junket
Vin Diesel speaks to media about “Fast 9” at a Huffington Post press junket

Vin Diesel went on to explain how Paul Walker’s legacy continues through the inclusion of “Brian O’Connor’s long lost cousin from Down Under”

“The street racing scene in New York is unique in itself, we decided to mix things up even further by bringing in an Australian character, Keith O’Connor, equipped with his very own ‘souped up’ Holden Commodore – an iconic Australian muscle car,”

On April 9, 2015, producer Neal H. Moritz told The Hollywood Reporter that the filmmakers have already decided which actor will play the new Australian character. After overlooking the likes of Hugh Jackman and Luke Bracey, it has been decided that the role of Keith O’Connor will be played by Australian Youtube sensation, Clint.

The 30 something Australian viral actor, best known for his appearance in the iconic ‘Waiting For A Mate’ Youtube video, has spoken to Australia’s ABC Radio National today, about his exciting move into film.

“It’s going to be very testing, but I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun as well,” said the Australian fan favourite.

“I think film was the logical next step for me. I mean I only just got my license back after the whole double whammy drink driving / wreckless driving without a license thing”

“I’ve played a troubled Australians man on the screen before. The character I have been chosen for in this new flick – is actually the closest thing you’ll get to the real me,”

Ryan Moloney, who is more commonly known to Australians simply as his iconic character’s name ‘Clint’, says that despite the comfortable career he has had in television, a lot of people probably don’t understand how close the character of Keith O’Connor is to his heart.

“This film is about a bloke going over to NYC to help a mate”

“Like me in the car park that time”

The eight instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise is titled “Fast V8: NYC” with filming set to start in April 2016. For any updates, make sure you follow us on Facebook


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