Despite the fact it has been four, extremely warm Summer days since the Christmas ham was pulled out of the oven, Dads around the country are still of the belief that it’s still good to eat.

One local man, Brett Noon (29) says he’s pretty certain the cut up leg of pig has spent more time on the kitchen bench than inside the fridge, but his old boy is still pressuring him to cut off a slice and eat it with equally old potatoes and some Dijon mustard.

“Mate, it’s fine. Get in to it”

“What have you gone soft or something living in the city?”

“Grow a set”

Dad has even suggested possibly re-cooking the ham on the barbecue and pretending it is bacon, and putting together a BLT.

“It’s no different, really. It’s all from the same animal”

“Or should we make a ham and pineapple pizza? We can use those wraps as a base?”

At time of press, several of the cousins had joined dad around the kitchen bench and were putting together some appallingly experimental ham sandwiches with the stale bread left over from an attempted cob loaf dip that went wrong on the 24th.




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