The dense wildfire smoke in the US state of California has made its way to the San Francisco area yesterday, causing the sky over the region to turn blood orange.

Social media has been awash with emotive images showing the city looking like a Planet Mars, in the same way all of Australia did last year when our whole coastline was on fire due to the record-breaking climate-change-aided hot temperatures and lengthy droughts that the media kept saying was completely normal.

Some 14,000 firefighters are battling 28 major blazes across California, amid the historic heatwave. Wildfires, which is what they call bushfires, have burned more than 2.5 million acres in the state this year, killing at least eight people as of last count.

On Wednesday, strong winds blew smoke and ash from some of those blazes in northern parts of the state – just like what was happening in Melbourne and Sydney not even 12 months ago.

The horrific scenes currently taking place on the American West Coast have all but reminded Australians that large parcels of land in the Blue Mountains, South Coast NSW, and Tweed region are still absolutely fucked.

As in, nothing has grown back.

And there’s no animals there. No birds, no land animals.

It’s completely silent. Like you’ve just walked out of a bunker ten years after a Nuclear apocalypse. All you can hear is the distant groans of other cars.

This is surprising given the conservative political narrative ‘that everything will grow back in a few months’ – which is right up there with ‘the Greenies caused this by not letting us clear trees’ when it comes to the cognitive dissonance of climate change.

Nine months after the record-breaking bushfires that destroyed thousands of homes across Australia, and the NSW government inquiry has found that not one fire was started by arson.

Prime Minister Morrison is yet to visit any of these regions again, because he was treated so badly last time he tried to visit Cobargo, and also they vote Labor so fuck ’em.


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