The Trump campaign are ready to cut their losses in Michigan at any many, after a major celebrity endorsement has begun to show it’s face at the ballot.

Eminem, also known as Slim Shady, also known as the guy that sang that horrific song called ‘Kim’ where he raps about slitting the throat of the mother of his daughter – has officially endorsed Joe Biden for President.

The white boy from Detroit has even gone as far as giving his nod of approval for Biden to use his Grammy award winning ‘Lose Yourself’ for a last minute campaign video.

Michigan had been reliably blue in choosing a president for nearly 25 years, until 2016, when Donald Trump won the state by the smallest margin in the country – 10,704 votes.

But Joseph R. Biden Jr. has seen consistent leads in virtually all the polls leading up to Election Day, especially ever

This is bad new for the incumbent President, who has struggled to compete with the endorsement of Eminem, after Kid Rock failed to get the same level of traction on Twitter.

However, at most recent count, all of this Hollywood dictated speculation appears to contradict the actual numbers that are being counted, with Trump currently at 55.1% of the state’s vote, after hauling in 1,167,042 votes so far.


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