A yummy mummy from the French Quarter has today decided to throw her child in the deep end, using a popular cafe as a training ground to test her child’s food ordering skills. This incident has, of course, occurred at around 12:30 pm, which is when staff are rushed off their feet to keep up with the lunchtime rush. It’s unknown why the young mum felt the need to test her child’s comprehension abilities at this particular time, but the staff had no choice but to patiently listen as the poor child attempted to squeak out a food order.

Pointing a taloned nail at the dishevelled waitress manning the counter, local mum Tegan Ellis is about to see if the training has paid off – because this couldn’t have been done at a quiet deli after school sometime.

“Alright sweetie, tell the lovely lady what you’d like to order.”

“It’s alright Jace, come on.”

Coyly hiding behind a stray of strawberry blonde hair, the visibly nervous six-year-old tries to relay his order, despite having the pressure of ten hungry workers waiting in line behind him.

“Could I have…”

“Could I PLEASE, Jace.”

“Could I please have the kids parm….parm…”

“Sound it out.”


“Parmi -JANA.”



Looking imploring at his mother, a confused Jace shrugs his shoulders.

“Chips or salad Jace?”


“Chips WHAT.”

“Chips please.”

It’s alleged the incident went on for a further three minutes as Jace changed his order to a burger, and came to a stand still when he was asked to make a decision between orange juice or coke.

More to come.


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