SA Best leader Nick Xenophon has long used stunts as a part of his political career, and this time he seems to have won a fair portion of the state’s support in one foul sweep.

During a live press conference this morning, former federal Senator Nick Xenophon stopped halfway through a tirade about transport and electricity, paused for a moment and signalled one of his staffers to hand him a cooler bag.

The 59-year-old politicians then proceeded to drink eight whole litres of Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee (approximately 13 x 600 millilitre cardboard cartons)

While initially confused, the media and constituents present were quick to turn their gasps into a roaring appaluse – and it’s received quite the response on social media.

While other parties have opted for telling voters how they plan to improve the state, or negative ads aimed at their opponents, Mr Xenophon has decided to prove how South Australian he is by simply drinking as much Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee as possible.

First launched in 1977 when “Farmers Union” was a co-operative of South Australian dairy farmers, the Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee brand has achieved iconic status in South Australia and is now also available in all other Australian states and territories.

In 2015 the product was listed as the highest selling non-alcoholic beverage in South Australia, making them the only region in the world where coca-cola isn’t number one.

Thanks to its shared South Australian origins, the cupholders of the locally made third generation Mitsubishi Magna were designed to hold both normal round drinks and Farmers Union Iced Coffee cartons.

Xenophon’s party — which has faced criticism for lacking detailed policy — offers broad promises in the clip to bring down power prices, stop young people moving interstate for work and improve the budget bottom line – appears to now polling at a 90% approval rating after the stunt.



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