18 February, 2016. 16:45

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TAKING INSPIRATION FROM FRENCH electronic dance music heavyweights Justice and Madeon, the Member for Longman brought the house down last night at Brisbane’s infamous Met nightclub.

It was a marathon set, consisting of nearly 40 original mixes over three hours.

You’d be forgiven for think that the political journeyman’s set was in protest to the new lockout laws affecting Queensland, which were passed by the government earlier this week.

But, the whole evening was filled with R-rated beats and some nasty dancing – but it was all PG fun, according to one reveller.

“He was halfway through a song when 3 am ticked over,” she said.

“As soon as the clock struck 3, he was off. Telling us that we’d been the greatest audience this side of Caxton Street and to go home without punching anybody,”

“There no way he’s getting re-elected. He’s from the Jim Beam belt.”

The 25-year-old isn’t the first federal politician to try their hand at disc jockeying.

Prior to Sydney’s infamous Spice Cellar nightclub being shut down by police and licensing officials, Anthony Albanese MP laid down one of the hottest sets ever seen in the inner west.

The Erskineville establishment was never the same. Albanese’s mashups set the benchmark so high, that it could only be beaten by partygoers being caught by undercover detectives licking spilled GHB off the carpet and bar staff getting nabbed face down in a bowl of drugs in the cool room.

Speaking today, annoyingly unhungover, Roy said he discovered a passion for electronic dance music during the long trips down to Canberra. The periods of spare time were put to use, with Roy creating beats on electronic music programs such as Garageband and Ableton.

“First things first [giggles]. I started off like a typical noob. Making mashups in Garageband,” said the Caboolture kid.

“God. The first one I made up was a Brennan Heart vs Electric Light Orchestra mashup that sounded so shit. Whoops. I mean gay. Ahhhh can you not print this?”


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